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Essay Galaxy - Grades Do Not Acurrately Reflect What A Student Has Learned Grades Do Not Acurrately Reflect What A Student Has Learned

Philip has been studying hard in all of his classes. He's struggling with two of his subjects, but is doing his best and getting help after school from his teachers. He knows he's worked hard this marking period, but he is still nervous when he receives his report card. Does this sound familiar? Why do we worry, when the basic purpose of school is to educate people, and to teach them the skills they will need to be successful in college, the workplace, and in everyday life. To rate one's progress, schools have a special unit of measure. Grades are used to show how well, or how poorly a student is doing in a particular area. But in truth, do they help or hurt the student? There is question as to whether children are motivated to learn, or to simply pull the grade. Grad....

Number Of Pages: 5 Number Of Words: 1316

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