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Essay Galaxy - Falstaff Beer Falstaff Beer

Falstaff Beer was introduced in 1903 by the William J. Lemp Brewing Co.of St. Louis. Falstaff was a very popular premium beer. When prohibitioncame about Joseph Griesedieck purchased the Falstaff name and logo for $2000. He then reorganized his Forest Park Brewery Co. into the Falstaff Corporation. An intersesting note: Joseph's cousin's were also St. Louis area Brewers, with Stag and Griesedieck Brothers. Falstaff strugled through prohibition by making near beer (called HEK among other names), cured hams, and bacon. the Falstaff Corporation was the first brewery to recieve a permit to legally brew beer in the U.S. Immediatly Falstaff reorganized and became the Falstaff Brewing Corporation. They purchased another brewery in St. Louis, the Otto Stiffel Brewery. In 1935 Falstaff purchaes the Krug bre....

Number Of Pages: 3 Number Of Words: 711

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