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Essay Galaxy - Creative Writing: The Visitor Creative Writing: The Visitor

The night sky of Neton was a clear one. The deep blue, almost a black but well illuminated by the bright full moon, glistened with a pattern of twinkling stars. The background light from Brisbane was almost nonexistent, a pleasant change of atmosphere that was rarely appreciated by most. Except Jane. She loved the clear sky, the faint presence of the Milky Way as it wrapped itself across the near-endless plane that was the sky She stood out on the balcony, staring into the azure. Was there life out there? she wondered. The universe is so huge, why not? Besides, with all the strange things that happen in the world you'd think that there might as well be aliens to make the group whole. A streak of light suddenly pierced the night's sky and left a dazzling trail of cosmic dust behind it. Jane gasped in awe. A falling star. The bri....

Number Of Pages: 5 Number Of Words: 1175

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