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Essay Galaxy - Hacking Hacking

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Hacking defines hacking as, simply, the act of penetrating computer systems to gain knowledge about the system and how it works (Ash, 4). The act of penetrating can range from harmless to malicious. Harmless hacking could be hacking into a college computer and copying some files in order brag to friends. Malicious hacking is more planned. Usually when hackers are malicious, it is because they are taking revenge on someone or they need to cover their tracks. The most common type of hacking is the harmless kind. The tools of a hacker include a prefix scanner, a terminal, a password cracker, and a virii maker. A prefix scanner dials every telephone number with a specific prefix and area code in order to find a carrier, another computer system that has a link to a network.....

Number Of Pages: 4 Number Of Words: 1016

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