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Essay Galaxy - The Arrival Of The Internet The Arrival Of The Internet

The Internet can no longer be avoided. Everywhere you turn it's .com this and .com that. It seems that everyone has a web-page on the Internet including your relatives and neighbors. There are more than 100 million U.S. citizens that use the Internet today and this number is growing exponentially.(Consol, 26) This limitless technology has provided a means for people anywhere in the world to communicate with each other, sending and receiving information via the Internet. With this newfound technology comes new dangers and problems. The hazards of the Internet range from cyber crimes and deviants, to depression. They have caused some people to fear and avoid the Internet. The Internet, despite its problems, is a very useful and relatively safe technology. Many of the problems seem much worse than they really are. There are cert....

Number Of Pages: 11 Number Of Words: 2976

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