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Personal Writing: My Dog Oso

.... I was playing about our yard when my older brother Jake slowly walked up to me. He had been supplied with money, and then instructed by my mother to take me to the corner store to buy candy and ice cream. At that time I was delighted, as the trip to the corner store was an epic journey, which I had never taken on foot, only by car. I did not notice or care that Jake, normally tyrannical, dictatorial, and abusive, was being unusually nice to me that day Well, after the saga of the corner store ended, .....

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Personal Writing: A Devoted Teacher

.... Not only was he held in high esteem by his students, but with some of his colleagues as well. In his spare time—he coached kids’ swimming and the debate team. He was a favorite man because his life was intertwined with so many others. He was like your best friend and your father, all in one. He spent his time away from work with family and friends. Mr. Wang died of a heart attack in his classroom. Everyone was shocked. We felt sorry and sad to lose such a wonderful and caring human bei .....

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Creative Writing: The Tiger And The Tree

.... come close. Listen to me and I will tell you what to do." The next morning all of the animals secretly gathered in the forest near the field where Tiger was sleeping. All of the animals who lived on the ground, like Turtle, Elephant, Ox, and Donkey, they all stood near big hollow logs. All of the monkeys and birds who lived in the trees quietly sat in the branches and waited for Rabbit to arrive. Soon Rabbit did show up, carrying a large, thick rope. He ran across the field and made a lot of noise. .....

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Personal Writing: "Lost In The Mess"

.... in the thick brown carpeting, necklaces, earings, barrettes and more strung out from end to end of my room. Fallen pushpins in the bed from the cluttered bulletin board above, suspended by one thin wire, swaying with the slightest breath of air. An overwhelming stench, sweaty tennis socks, last night's dinner, or the mildewed plant, I couldn't figure out where it came from. Spider webs neatly spun where the walls and ceiling meet gave a gloomy feeling to the whole room. Shoes more shoes then I ever kn .....

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The Rain

.... us many more miles. The beat of the music is no longer distinguishable as the rain beats out it's own tune on the glass of the windows and the metal of the car. Visibility is reduced to almost the end of our noses as the water sluices down the windows. Moving the car ever so cautiously, my father pulls into a truck stop to wait out the rain. Making a mad dash through the small rivers that are forming in the parking lot, we all pile out of the car and into the cool sanctuary of the diner. We are allowed t .....

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Personal Writing: Rock Climbing

.... got out of the car and decided to go on down against our better judgement. The trail down was a steep runoff ditch about two feet wide surrounded with scrub brush. While on the way down I was thinking both about how bad my legs were getting cut from the brush, but also about not slipping on the sandy trail. The mile long hike, downhill, was nothing but a warm up for me and my brother who are avid backpackers and trail hikers. When we reached the bottom there were signs of past water flow through he .....

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Personal Writing: Death

.... seemed to be a very emotionally draining conversation, my mother comes to me. She tells me that my aunt, Patsy’s daughter Trisha has died. I never knew her well, so up to this point I did not have much of an emotional reaction to the news. However, I knew that her death would devastate her mother. I doubt any parent takes the death of their child well, a parent never expects to witness the funeral of their child. My family is invited to the funeral, and we assure the couple we will attend. The followi .....

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Creative Writing: The Nightmare

.... upon cocktail fingers and toes. Then pulling off a meaty drumstick, I feed the genitals and the guts to my Children of the Night, giving the young first choice. There is plenty to go around. Often mortals have asked why the wolves follow me and why I allow them to do so. Ours is a symbiotic relationship. I feed them, and they clean up after me. Simple, is it not? One cannot just leave all of those corpses and torn parts afield, now can one? Our relationship has endured for thousands of years .....

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Creative Writing: "The Sin Of Cinderella"

.... darker side. How do I tell Blair about Cinderella’s fatal flaws? For, despite, the picture perfect image, and despite the advancing years, Cinderella, is still as codependent as ever. In fact, the sin of Cinderella is her ongoing, untreated codependency. Where has Cinderella been this past decade? Why has she been in denial while the rest of America worked on its’ inner child, adult child and dysfunctional family issues? It’s clear she’s missed John Bradshaw’s series, "The Family." Obviously, .....

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Personal Writing: Son's Trip To The Emergency Room

.... and scooped him off the floor when I noticed there was blood streaming from his wrist area down his arm. My heart sank as I searched for the open wound. My first thought was that he cut a vein in his wrist and panic raced through my body with the fear that he would bleed to death before I could get him to the hospital. As quickly as I could, I grabbed him from the floor and ran to the bathroom to get a towel and wrapped it around his wrist. I flew out the door and down the street to a neighbor, bare .....

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Personal Writing: About Me

.... family visited Portugal, my breath was taken away by the beautiful sights and simple life on the farm. Nobody had a rushing schedule and everything felt as peace. They lived day to day on the food they grew and the milk from their cows. In my eyes, this kind of life is very fulfilling. There was always something fun to do and I was always spotted playing with the cows and chickens. Farm animals are only one type of animal I adore. I own three dogs, a bird and two degu, (which are like hamsters). I just lo .....

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Personal Writing: Jealousy And My Friend

.... thinks it looks. I always leave the mall empty-handed when I’m with her. The funny thing about this, however, is that a week later she usually ends up buying these clothes for herself. I just smile at her and tell her how nice they look on her. Finally, she’s most jealous of my other friends. She’s constantly telling me ridiculous things about them in hopes to turn me away from them. God forbid me spend time with them one night instead of her. It was also pretty much impossible to have a boyfriend. .....

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Personal Writing: Jim Thomson's House

.... I had to go there by oneself. I really didn't know how to go there!, However, I met my friends Bird, Poy and Beau at the bus-stop a few minutes before they got a bus number 47 to go to Jim Thomson's house. Then we arrived in there about 16.30 pm. Before I reached the Thai home, I felt strange and had a question again that why the beautiful teak house was surrounded by many cement buildings and was located on the end of a long Soi. I didn't appreciate it. Although, after I rested and sat for a while .....

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My Autobiography

.... yet. In September of 1987 I began kindergarten at Waterloo Elementary school. On October 1st my Mom had a doctors appointment in York because my second baby brother was on his way. I went with my Mom because my Dad had to work and wouldn’t be able to take care of me for the weekend, but little did my Mom know that she was going to have to stay in York for the whole month of October. Mom’s doctor didn’t want her to be so far away when having the third baby on the way. My second baby brother, Sco .....

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Personal Writing: The Zoo

.... attraction, however, seemed to center around the monkeys’ cage. The monkeys were continuously jumping and swinging about in their large cage. They looked very alert and stared back at the people. Some of them clung to the iron bars, waiting for someone to hand them a banana or some peanuts. We left the monkeys’ cage and went to see the elephants. They were wandering loose in an open area, which was surrounded by large deep trenches. Bordering the trenches was a heavy iron fence. The elephants had ro .....

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