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Gangs In America

.... obviously appealing to the youth and the potential inductees to the gangs. However, with every good thing there also comes a bad side. The bad side is everything we donít see. The life of crime, violence, and prison. Nobody really can understand that until they live it, and once they had lived it, it can sometimes be to late. Now of course there are situations where kids join gangs because there is no other way. Often it happens that a teenager is forced to join a gang because he/she has no family. .....

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Ignorrance Is Bliss

.... for each of these stupid ones, but I have a feeling it is not that many. If they do get many correct responses, than when they find the stupid people, they really find the stupid people. Many of them seem totally clueless to their own ignorrance. If ignorrance is bliss, than these people must really be happy. Television is definately not the only place to run into stupid people however. In business class we had an assignment to read and discuss an article titled, "Fatal Attractions". The article disc .....

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What Are Comfort Zones? And Why Should We Escape?

.... the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole! The results of being in a Comfort Zone are that we simply shut off any ideas of alternatives, of options that lie outside our own narrow existences. Leaving our cages is risky and scary. Recognising that we are trapped, is the first step towards gaining freedom. We also have to accept that change causes risk and pain. It is a question of "no pain, no gain" Martin Luther King, Junior said: "The ultimate measure of a man is .....

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Racial Discrimination And Its Effect On Our Society

.... different color, or because your a different kind of religion. You can help stop this; all you have to do is try to accept different ethnic people as you do anyone else. If you canít, you donít have to express it, keep it to yourself. If you hear somebody saying something about somebody else, all you have to do is listen; they are just as equal as you are. If you do it, pretty soon theyíll quit. Racismís history goes way back. The Constitution of the United States recognized the legality of slavery, .....

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Rapid Population Growth

.... be born, and 53 million will die which gives the overpopulated world an additional 84 million people per year. With the planet growing at alarming rate 230 000 per day people, With the increasing population, pollution is on the rise, making safe water scarce In Asia the population increases by 50 million, the population of Africa by 17 million and Latin America and the Caribbean by only eight million. Africa has the hightest growth rate at 2.36 %(Internet Source). These are places where people need .....

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Hiring Quotas In Employment

.... always asked is, "What is wrong with quotas? What is wrong with companies hiring a variety of blacks, Hispanics, women, and white males?" The problem is not with hiring a variety of people from different ethnic groups. The problem begins when the person who is best qualified for a job, loses the position to someone less qualified. More and more, white males are having problems finding jobs because they are not black or Hispanic or do not have breasts. Affirmative action, which is action in the form of quot .....

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Analysis Of Rich And Poor And The Case Against Helping The Poor

.... simple explanation as to how each would deal with the topic will be presented. Suppose Americans did in fact give as much aid as we possibly can, which means we can not spend money on luxuries such as stereos, vacations, alchohol or tobacco. In a society such as this, the members of the richer countries could definetely sustain an existence which is still far superior to those living in squalor, even without our many indulgences. For people who currently work in the fields of producing these amenities, .....

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Blacks: Indirectly Enslaved

.... enslaved because they were not able to do anything and had to depend on the whites. They were now dependent on the white southerners because they had no land and couldnít vote to do anything about the land they lost. They had to depend on the whites for survival. Later, the Radical Republicans became a major part of the Congress and passed the Freedmanís Bureau, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. The Freedmanís Bureau and the amendments gave the blacks help politically, socially, and economically. .....

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Birth Parents Should Not Be Able To Reclaim Their Child

.... the best interest of the child nor his or her feelings. Laws and regulations are making readopting a child impracticable for birth parents. Advancing with technology and the rest of the world, laws referring to adoption are also continually undergoing changes. Whether these laws have a positive or negative impact on the adoption controversy, they all are causing the children confusion and pain. Older laws were abandoned because the rights given to the birth mother outweighed the birth father. .....

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The Amish Family Life

.... or potatoes; meat, which is often fried; and canned vegetables. Homemade or supermarket-bought bread is served at every meal. The lighter meal commonly consists of soup, cheese or bologna, and fruit. Snacks are usually apples, cookies, or leftovers. Teaching Implications Because of their desire to remain separate from the world, sharing information and new ways of doing things with the Amish can be difficult. Very few have telephones and most do not attend public meetings. Going to their homes .....

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.... ďTOĒ CHOICE = LIBERTY, so liberty is a choice, discretion, opportunity, alternatives, electives, prerogatives, options, variety, diversity, will, volition, the desire to do as we please, the freedom to choose. Liberty tells that our choices are just and defensible because they do not impose disproportionately high costs on others to avoid the consequences of our choices. Freedom is the optimization of liberty, that is, the simultaneous maximization of choice and maximization of avoidibility. .....

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Personal Freedoms

.... still certain universal freedoms, like the right to voice your own opnion, to wear clothes of your choice and freedom to get a good education. Some of these things are so important that there is laws to enforce them. Like school for instance, you are legally required to attend regular classes until the age of sixteen. There are some freedoms that we are entitled to but that are violated by others. Take your right to safely walk down the street for example, in some neighbourhoods that is virtually out o .....

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Social Effects Of The Vietnam War On The United States

.... bring communism to Vietnam after they won their independence. Ho Chi Minh formed the league for the independence of Vietnam that was called the Vietminh. During World War II the Japanese took over the French rule of Vietnam. Since America was fighting the Japanese as well they shared information with Vietnam to defeat Japan. After World War II had ended Vietnam, for a short time, became independent. However, President Trueman decided to support the French to regain Vietnam because of concern over .....

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Women In Nationalist Movements

.... happened in countries that practiced colonialism. This is because there was an economic imbalance between the more powerful country and the country where raw materials were being taken from. The subordinate countries in this case began their quest for industrial status. Many of these countries modeled their goals after countries that were successful. Successful in this respect meant that there was a strong national identity. Nationalism also gave the country an opening to define their culture, ec .....

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Sitting Down As A Family For Dinner

.... day. Now no one seems to have time to share, to sit down together as a family and enjoy a meal. Now dinner time is full of interruptions; the sounds of shouting and laughter from the Drew Carry show or a honk for the passing cars at the Sonic. No longer is there assurance in knowing that every member of your family will be present at the designation eating time. Refrigerators where mothers and wives once posted nightly menus describing delicious meals are now covered with marker boards and post it note .....

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