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The Formation Of An Independent Country: A Case Study Of The Republic Of Korea And America

.... of Korea(ROK). I will be concentrating on the latter. At one point in time South Korea(which is now referred to as the Republic of Korea) and North Korea(which has become known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) lived peacefully together in a place called Korea. The first showings of a nation being formed there was in the year one hundred and eight BC. This was called Old Choson, in what is now known as northwestern Korea and southern Manchuria. It was conquered by the Chinese in 108 .....

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.... and made arbitrary government impossible. Commons impeached land and abolished the House of Lords and the Eccleseastical court of High Commision. They would not place the army under Charles I because they didn’t trust him. So, he recruited his own army of nobles and rural countrymen. He then invaded Parliament and captures five members. Parliament recruited their own army of townspeople and middle class people. Although they made much progress, a complete English democracy did not prevail from the .....

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The Rise And Fall Of American Communism

.... the ideals of communism offered hope to Americans, who suddenly found themselves homeless and jobless. The advent of the Second World War and the Korean War, however, once again heightened the American government’s desire to control public opinion so as to increase the effectiveness of the American war-machine. This time, the government’s more fervent and, even more relentless, attacks on foreign ideas reduced the membership and the prestige of the American Communist Party to a minimum, diminishing its p .....

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The Constituion

.... supporting ideas become evident. The First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom could have been influenced by the colonial tradition of relative religious freedom. This tradition was clear even in the early colonies, like Plymouth, which was formed by Puritan dissenters from England seeking religious freedom. Roger Williams, the proprietor of Rhode Island, probably made an even larger contribution to this tradition by advocating and allowing complete religious freedom. William Penn also contri .....

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The Importance Of National Security

.... been joined by China (with a Communist dictatorship), India, Pakistan (with a very unstable political/governmental system), Israel and South Africa. When the Soviet Union fell apart, all the republics sent their nuclear weapons to Russia. However, there is no proof that the new countries that were formed and now have dictatorships, such as Belaruse (which used to have nuclear weapons), Khazakstan and even Ukraine gave up all of their nuclear weapons. At least they could still have the technology that wo .....

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“Daddy What’s Propaganda”

.... way,” wow so does everybody else. This propaganda technique is called glittering generalities. When a candidate says things that appeals to everyone in hopes to sway your vote. That’s just one psychological mind game that politicians use to spread propaganda. Johnson had a controversial commercial during cold war times, which implied that is opponent was trigger-happy. In a time were everyone ‘s worst fear was that they were going to get blown up by Russian nukes, how could anyone in the right mind .....

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John Marshall: Chief Justice And His Rulings

.... clause" in the constitution. Later, Marshall ruled in the case of the Cherokee's vs. Georgia that the Cherokees did not have to leave their land, and yield to the government of Georgia. This was an attack on State's rights and Jackson quickly reacted. Jackson made a statement saying that Georgia could take the Cherokee land and that the Cherokee's would have to move to the west. The Trail of Tears followed, during which many Cherokee died, not even reaching their undesirable destination. Jackson .....

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.... greatest influence on the American constitution is his doctrines of separation of powers. In Montesquieu’s doctrines, he discusses the three distinctive branches of government. The actual people in each of the branches should develop distinct ways of governing which will provide groups in society some form of accomodation in the government’s decision making roles. Checks and Balances is another theory of Montisquieu. Which is a system where one branch of government has some form of power ove .....

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Hammurabi's Laws

.... is rule number 154: “If a man have sexual intercourse with his daughter, he shall be expelled from this city”3 I do not think this punishment fits the crime. As stated before, the punishment for robbery is much harsher than for this crime. Incest only grants expulsion. To steal a tangible item and inflict fear, you die; to steal a girl’s innocence and dignity, inflict pain, hatred, fear, and just an overall tainted feeling, you get to start your life over in a new city. Another of these laws that s .....

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Elitists In Democracy

.... which represents only a minute percentage of the populations of Argentina and Brazil, that democracy has not had the chance to develop and flourish completely. Argentina’s oligarchy revolved around the Conservative Party, and “they were convinced that only the upper class was capable of governing (Snow, pg. 14).” The conservatives restricted suffrage, and condoned fraudulent elections, making it virtually impossible for the masses to gain political power. By the end of the nineteenth century, the co .....

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.... out of political life. The House of Commons was composed of middle class workers who brought the peoples ideas to the government. The Stuart kings of England believed in their divine right to rule. Criticism, however, and distrust from the House of Commons, kept the Stuart monarchs from absolute power. Throughout the seventeenth century parliament and the monarch fought for control of England. Socially, an absolute monarch had to have control over all classes in his kingdom. This included all religio .....

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Imperialism: A State Of Powerlessness

.... would be a great number of British casualties in India before the British attacked from Great Britain. The British in India know that they will suffer if they push the Indians too far. This fact is why the British do not do anything when the Indians harass them. Orwell’s lack of power, as an authority figure, is seen when he says, “When a nimble Burman tripped me up on the football field and the referee (another Burman) looked the other way, the crowd yelled with hideous laughter”. He can do nothing abo .....

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The Fall Of Communism

.... In it’s new economic doctrines they adopted a mixed economy, which was termed the New Economic Policy. This economy called for some private owner but the government controlled the majority of production. Lenin’s government made many achievements. It ended a long civil was against the remains of old Czarist military system and established institutions in government. Lenin died in 1924, and was quickly followed by Joseph Stalin as head of the soviet Communist Party. Stalin became the most powerful man .....

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Nuclear Power For All

.... super powers. The idea behind China’s recent frenzy to get all the weapons and technology available is for them to be able to elevate themselves to the level of a major world power. As stated by Mao Zedong, “The atomic bomb is not so big, but if you do not have it, you are not counted. OK, let’s make some such bombs”(Huaqui). China’s nuclear testing site is considered to be the world’s largest at over 100,00 square kilometers, capable of handling underground, atmospheric and live missile tests. W .....

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To What Extent Is Canada’s Election System/Process Democratic?

.... to pay a $1000 deposit, if he/she has over 15 per cent of the votes, he/she can get the deposit back. If he/she doesn’t have 15 per cent of the votes, his/her $1000 deposit is gone. · Boardcasters play an important role in election. The Boardcasters have the power to determine which political parties to get shut out or not. · A party who has 42 per cent of the votes only has the second most seats in the legislature. Meanwhile, a party who has 39 per cent of the popular vote, formed the major governme .....

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