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Analysis Of Lorca’s Lament For Ignacio Sanchez Mejias

.... this poem flow properly. First, he utilized imagery, which is the use of words to create a mental picture. In fact, he has been compared to surrealist because he occasionally juxtaposed seemingly unrelated ideas and realistic and nonrealistic images causing an uncanny, dreamlike effect on the reader. In addition, he included numerous symbols in this poem to represent a certain idea or mood that he was trying to create. Also, the poem contains a musical quality, which appeal to the reader’s senses. Ne .....

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Ode To The West Wind Essay

.... when he describes the wind as a "Wild Spirit" and says this spirit is everywhere. He then comments on the power of the wind when he describes it as a "Destroyer and Preserver." He ends the first part in the fifth stanza with an apostrophe. The speaker speaks to the West Wind, and asks this higher force to listen to his plea. The second section of the poem deals with the wind as being a power of the wind in the heavens. He begins the second section of the poem by saying that the wind is "'mid the ste .....

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Nature In Frost's Poems

.... paths are so long he can't tell where they will end (Frost 84). "He looks down the other to be fair." "Frost thinks he would heave a better claim." Frost thinks he would do better if he took the one less traveled. "The paths are wanted wear." He is saying no matter what which one, he goes he will have to take a path (Frost 84). I should say this doubtfully because I know where I am going. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." .....

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Poem: My Heart Aches

.... grows pale and spacter--thin, and dies; Where but to think is to be full of sorrow And leaden-eyed despairs, Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes Or new Love pine at them beyond tomorrow. Away! Away! for I will fly to thee, Not charioted by Becchus and his pards, But on the viewless wings of poesy, Though the dull brain perplexes and retards: Already with thee! tender is the night, And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne, Clustered around by all her starry Fays; But here there is no light, S .....

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A Valediction Of Forbidding Mourning: The Truth About Mourning

.... ask, "aren't we all guilty at one point or another while in a love relationship of trying to convey a message to a loved one and they in turn have misinterpreted that message?" The poem begins "As virtuous men pass mildly away, And whispering their souls to go." Here the persona is trying to convey to his lover that she should deal with his leaving as though it is a death. Not a death in which she should be sad, but of a death of a man that was a very good human being who will go peacefully and calmly .....

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"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night": Death Through Repetition And Diction

.... man went back and forth between life and death as the stanzas' last lines switched back and forth. In the end, the two last lines join together as the old man and his son accept that death is a part of life. Next, the references to "good men," "wild men," and "grave men" display the three basic stages of life: birth, life, and death. In stanza three, the stanza pertaining to "good men," the portion "the last wave by" depicts the old man's generation as fewer and fewer still live. The color symbolism .....

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Merry-Go-Round: Critical Analysis

.... smiles float towards the watching crowd". The last three stanzas show the emphasised view of the cynical adult who is simply observing the children from a detached outside viewpoint. For example, "almost I see the marvel they see" is informing the reader that he is "almost" caught up in the enchantment as the children are. McAvley's clever use of diction and imagery add to the enchantment of the merry-go-round as the children see it as a magical fantasy world. It is continually likened to another world. .....

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Upon The Burning Of Our House July 10th, 1666

.... “rest she took”(ln 1). She is awaken by shrieks of fire that is not aroused by any man. As she sees the light of the fire at the beginning of stanza two, she comes to a sharp realization about what is happening and says a quick prayer to God to save her comfort, and what, at the time, she considers her “life”. As she leaves her house in stanza three, taking one last look she realizes that all that was giving to her from God and now he takes what belongs to him. Stanza four and five show how she d .....

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Phillis Wheatley: Black Or White Poet?

.... Earl of Dartmouth.” In this paper, I will compare these views and express my own interpretation. In the poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America,” Wheatley writes of being brought from her homeland to America. She lived as a domestic slave to a wealthy family in Boston where she was educated and made into a better person. In the poem, her use of such words like “scornful eye” and “refined” suggests acknowledgement on the part of the poet in regards to racial injustice. “Scornful eye” as Wh .....

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.... ironic that the words inscribed on the pedestal "Look on my works. . . and despair!" reflect the evidence of the next line, "Nothing beside remains," that is, there is nothing left of the reign of the greatest king on earth.One immediate image is found in the second line, "trunkless legs.". One good comparison may be when the author equates the passions of the statue's frown, sneer, and wrinkled lip to the "lifeless things" remaining in the "desart." Another is when Shelley compares the "Works" of Ozymand .....

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Dylan Thomas's Use Of Language

.... Night" is addressed to Thomas' father, giving him advice on how he should die. The poem is a villanelle, which is a type of French pastoral lyric. It was not found in English literature until the late nineteenth century. It derives from peasant life, originally being a type of round sung. It progressed throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to its present form. For Dylan Thomas, its strictly disciplined rhyme scheme and verse format provided the framework through which he expresses "both .....

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Critisism On Robert Burns (1759-1796)

.... and to obtain our applause. One bar, indeed, his birth and education have opposed to his fame, the language in which most of his poems are writtin. Even is Scotland, the provincial dialect which Ramsay and he have used is now read with a difficulty which greatly damps the pleasure of the reader: in England it cannot be read at all, without such a constant reference to a glossary, as nearly to destroy that pleasure. As Mackenzie states: "The power of genius is not less admirable in tracting the manner .....

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In Depth Analysis Of Keats’ “Ode On A Grecian Urn”

.... experiences: the perpetuating, generationless song of the nightingale and the “cold Pastoral” ageless marble scenes on the Grecian Urn, considered by may to be among the “best” of his poetry. Ex: His best poetry is composed largely of representations of representations, meditations “on” objects or texts that are themselves reflections of other artists’ creative acts (Scott, xi). The product of these artists are indeed timeless and eternal, something Keats was very aware, both in presence of other arti .....

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Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd To His Love”

.... filled the pages of a pastoral poem. The serenity and quiet experienced by the shepherds in the hills of Arcadia, was put into words. The present state of humanity was seen as an Iron Age in which humans have become degenerate. There are three main kinds of pastoral that can be identified in different works. The classical pastoral begins with a conception on man and on human nature and locates it in a specific type, the shepherd, the simplicity of whose life is the goal toward which all existence .....

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A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning: Love Between Two People

.... in peace without fear and emotion. He suggests that the separation of the lovers be like this separation caused by death. In the second stanza the speaker furthers his comparison for a peaceful separation. “So let us melt, and make no noise” (line 5) refers to the melting of gold by a goldsmith or alchemist. When gold is melted it does not sputter and is therefore quiet. The speaker and his love should not display their private, intimate love as “tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move” (line 6). The speaker .....

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