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Music Before It Was Recorded

.... can be either sacred or secular depending on what is sung. It can be about a god or love depending on the fcomposer of the song. Secular music can never be sacred. Gabrelli was a composer of the end of the Renaissance and the beginning of Baroque. He brought the definition of music into the new era without losing significance. Music started long before we had recorded music. It all must follow the same basic rules consisting of rhythm, tone, pitch, and length. We all have different likes in mus .....

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The Emergence Of Heavy Metal

.... were never as solid as the Experience. Increasingly, the effects of the music being produced, both by Jimi, and other acts relied heavily on the use of volume as a musical component. Most bands of the 70's would hold true to the mantra and turn their amplifiers to the symbolic ten. Lyrical messages were also changing. The main themes of sixties music were peace and unity, the 70's brought a loud cynicism, songs became darker, and more atmospheric in nature. Early heavy metal was produced as a direct .....

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The Music Of Louis Armstrong

.... tale of rags to riches is defined by the life and development of Louis Armstrong. Armstrong was born into a childhood of challenges and struggles. He was born poor and illegitimate in New Orleans on the fourth of August 1901. In addition to his hardships, Armstrong was forced to grow up lacking a fatherly figure. Due to this, Armstrong’s main support through out his childhood is accredited to his mother (Ward 16). As a child, Armstrong was introduced to and guided through music by his only fath .....

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Count Basie

.... flatted notes in a musical scale. After World War II ended in 1945, changes in the economy and in Americans’ musical tastes sent most of the big bands into commercial decline. Eventually, the changed economic realities of touring with a band affected Basie, and in 1950 he was forced to dissolve his large ensemble. For a time he toured with a small group of six to nine players, but by 1952, he had reassembled his big band. This time, written arrangements were normal, and the band had a different so .....

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Woodstock 1969

.... unexpectedly large attendance. Only 50,000 to 100,000 people were expected to arrive at the site. These numbers seemed small compared to the 400,000 to 500,000 people who converged on the area on August 15, 16, and 17 of 1969. Many expected singers and bands could not arrive due to traffic backed up for miles along all the roads leading to the area. It was said that nearly one million people could have attended the concert if it had lasted longer. Many recognized musicians preformed at the concert such .....

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Rap And Rock ‘n’ Roll

.... with each other. Rock ‘n’ roll was very popular among many people but not many of them knew that black artists created it. In the past, whites never accepted music from black artists. Through whites was the only way to introduce new music made by the black artists. Here is a quote about how new music created by black artists were treated. When rock ‘n’ roll was sang by black artists, our society did accept it as music. They saw it as devil’s music. When Elvis, king of rock, sang rock ‘n’ roll, the mus .....

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2 Face Hip Hop

.... respected person. Now, he lost respect from many people. Reason of this was because he was asked how he felt about being an unknown artist into an artist who is well-known. He replied, “I know I lost respect. But I had to raise my daughter. I didn’t go to high school and this was all I had” (Fanatic 1). Though, emcees such as Buck65 state their opinion about Eminem. “Eminem was a great emcee. Choosing that path made him famous and wealthy. But that path ruined his reputation. He knows that he h .....

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Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane

.... Round while he was in prison. He sent a copy of his book to Bob Dylan. Dylan was so impressed, he went to visit Carter in prison. Dylan took notes while interviewing Carter and was inspired to write the song “Hurricane.” The song went into every detail about the murders and Dylan says, “ Rubin Carter was falsely tried.” Dylan continues his story and adds his own commentary. He felt like the trial was a “pig circus” and “he never had a chance.” He also adds the newspaper was in it for the story. D .....

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Song Analysis: "Betterman”

.... you how easily you can fall in love but how painful it can be to fall back out. It lets you understand love more I think and shows you how strong love is. It really lets you hear the pain love can cause and how much you go through when love is destroyed. The song symbolizes anger and how angry you can get when things break apart. The lyrics tell you how easily you can lie to yourself to try to make something better and how it never works out if you take that approach. It really shows the emotions in .....

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Tupac Shakur: Stealing From A Dead Star

.... with repairs with out finding out. To start of with some other bills that were found on his account in 1995 were rental fees for condos and homes. Charged with more than $120,000 in rental cost for a Malibu home that was actually occupied by Kenner. Complaints by Afeni, Tupacs mother, were that Kenner failed to protect the interests of Tupac. Kenner collaborated with Suge Knight to drain cash from Tupac’s royalty accounts (Gill). More than $100,000 to furnish an apartment owned by Death Row. In .....

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Hip Hop Music

.... music consists of DJ’s and MC’s who would "Cut ‘N’ Mix" or talk over music that they played. Another technique that formed is scratching’. This means forcing the record back and forth against the needle. A hip hop artists that made it big in the eighties was Afrika Bambaataa who was the leader of the ‘Hip-Hop’ culture. This man organized Zulu Nation which was an organization of break dancers. Run DMC were the first Black rap artists that gained the interest of all races of people. The hip-hop cultur .....

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Review Of A Concert Of Sacred Music From The Moores Opera

.... Mass are: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei. My favorite piece was Gloria. It was louder and more powerful then the rest. The parts were sung by women then men in a beautiful combination. The music was soft and intimate then quickly getting louder and more powerful. “Gloria” was trying to make a point in a almost begging manner. My favorite was the Amen at the end, and how it was equally distributed between the female and male. I also enjoyed Credo. It was sad and hurtfu .....

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Music And The Global Perspective

.... styles that constitute “ American music.” The ethnic diversity: part of the cultural richness of our nation is derived from its ethnic diversity and its large number of ethnic groups. Immigrant groups may have partially assimilated into the mainstream of our society while retaining the songs, dances, instruments, languages (at least accent and inflection), fashion, food, and lifestyles of their native cultures. In many cases, the merging of cultural traditions has formed new styles and modes of behavior. .....

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Song Review: “Iris”

.... think about the past or future, just the present time he spends with her. I’m convinced that this guy is really in love with her. This song is so moving it makes you believe that this really is in love with the girl. With this love, there is tragedy. “And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming, or the moment of truth in your lies.” This line is the saddest part of the whole song. The reality of the two not being able to be together suddenly hits. For reasons unknown, they can not be together, .....

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Sweeney Todd

.... His barber chair flips back to send the dead bodies of his victims downstairs so Mrs. Lovett can prepare them for the pies. My favorite song is the title song, "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". It tells the story of Sweeney Todd. Although what Sweeney Todd does is wrong, I did feel sorry for him. He had lost his family and lost his mind also. Mrs. Lovett helped him for two reasons. She needed the money and she fell in love with him. I first saw this musical when I was very young. It is still on .....

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