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The History Of Greek Culture

.... throughout the civilized world and recorded the manners and customs of elder nations. About 450 BC, a group of philosophers, the Sophists, became prominent. They were groups of teachers, and scholars of theories of knowledge. They invented what is known in literature as rhetoric, or the art of composing and delivering persuasive speeches. The Sophist movement contributed to the rise of prose over poetry in Athens, as shown with the attached pictures. The ancient Greeks did not establish one unif .....

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.... you must go to the level of the soul and once there it is believed that all people have access to divine inspiration and sought and loved freedom and knowledge and truth. The Transcendentalist adopts the whole connection of spiritual doctrine. He believes in miracle, in the perpetual openness of the human mind to new influx of light and power; he believes in inspirationm and in ecstasy. He wishes that the spiritual principle should be suffered to deomonstrate itself to the end, in all p .....

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The Absurd And Camus

.... any explanation of life's meaning. We are simply thrown into this world and the outcome is death, pure and simple. There is only life before and nothing beyond. And yet, this absence of explanation is not, in itself, the idea of the Absurd. "What is absurd is the confrontation between the sense of the irrational and the overwhelming desire for clarity which resounds in the depths of man." The Absurd is thus a pointless quest for meaning in a universe devoid of purpose. It is a totally human foible and .....

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Sioux And Dakota

.... don’t fight simply for the sake of killing some one, to do so would be dishonorable. This style of battle highlighted the fact that the Sioux people were not savage killers, but simply fighters for peace. The reason that this tactic did not work on the whites was because the white man’s ethic of fighting was no where near the ethics of the Sioux. White man believed that they had a given right to annihilate anyone they wanted. This is why the tactics of the Sioux people were not successful when it came .....

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City Engineer And Director Of Public Works

.... be terminated. Mario continues to work for the government as City Engineer/Director of Public Works; he assumes no responsibility for the disposal plant, but continues to advise Chris without James's knowledge. During the winter, heavy storms occur in the city. It becomes clear to those involved that if the plant's waste water is not released into the local river, the ponds will overflow and dump all of the waste into the river. Under state law, this condition must be reported to the State Water Pollutio .....

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Women In Boxing

.... writes Mathews. He has done extensive research on young women and their aggression. He has set out to disprove any common misconceptions about women and their being perceived as the less aggressive sex. For example, when men act in an aggressive manner, most people just write off their actions as an expected part of their being male. Yet, if women demonstrate the exact same aggressive behavior, they are viewed ads being “manly” or acting out of line. “However, in studies using tests to gauge fe .....

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Cats As Pets

.... cats are many times regarded as being “members” of the family. Unlike dogs, cats do not make any loud noises that can be disturbing to others. They really don’t meow very often either, unless they are hungry or want some attention. They are generally happy just to lead a quiet and content life. They don’t usually have “accidents” in the house either. ?They can be trained very quickly on how to use the litter box, and when they know where it is and why it is used, they will always seem to use it. Since c .....

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Influences Of Chinese Culture

.... loving but impoverished mother. My friends told me that he was a bookworm but his disciple told me that he wasn’t, but he did like school and did well in his studies. Confucianism has influenced Chinese attitudes, life patterns, and social virtues. It also has provided the background for Chinese political theories and institution. I noticed that although it became the official ideology of the Chinese state, it has never existed as an established religion with a church and priesthood. Confucius taught that .....

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American Football

.... teams of 11 players play football. Each team tries to move the ball down the field to score in the end zone defended by its opponent. The team in possession of the ball is called the offense, and the team defending is called the defense. Players involved in kicking situations are known as the special teams. The 11 players of the offensive team are divided into 7 linemen, who play on the line of scrimmage (an imaginary line designating the position of the ball) and a backfield of 4 players, called bac .....

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The Story Of Chanukah

.... began to assimilate the Greek culture. It was at this time that King Ptolemy, to promote a better understanding of the Jews, commissioned the famous Greek translation of the Bible known as the Septuagint. Later, the Ptolemaic Empire of Egypt and the Sleucid Empire of Syria fought to gain control of Judea. The Selucids won. Judea was ruled by the Syrian king Antiochus IV who did not allow the Jews to freely worship one God but demanded that everyone bow down to the many idols of Greek religion. A stron .....

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Ukraine’s Genocide

.... in the 1970’s to force collectivization; the resulting famine caused one million deaths. OGPU agents and red army troops sealed all roads and rail lines; nothing came in or out of Ukraine. Farms were searched and looted of food and fuel. Ukrainians quickly began to die of hunger, cold, and sickness. When OGPU failed to meet weekly execution quotas, Stalin sent Lazar Kaganovitch, to destroy Ukrainian resistance. Kaganovitch, the soviet Eichmann, made quota, shooting 10,000 Ukrainians weekly. Eighty percen .....

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Men's Basketball

.... have after school programs offering basketball courts open to the students. Basketball is played in almost every high school in the United States. From here both boys and girls are recruited to play for college. After college few make it to the American and National leauges. Some even find playing in Europe satisfys their love for playing basketball. Mens Basketball has always defined the way basketball was played. In the 1990's the NBA opened a concurrent leauge by initiating the WNBA. The fir .....

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Jim Stolpa And His Family's Trip

.... the road was no longer cleared and they lost their way into the snow. After three long days, Jim decided it was time to go. If they stayed any longer, they would die. At first, he wanted Jennifer and the baby to stay, but Jen insisted they go. So they wrote whomever a letter letting them know where they were headed and bundled up for the long journey. They walked 29 hours without sleep before finally reaching a cave. They climbed in for shelter and some warmth. Finally after a day or two, Jim d .....

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The Quinault Indian Tribe

.... use and occupation. The first reservation boundary was set in 1873. In 1889 Persident Grant Issued an exectutive order setting the present day boundary. The Quinault Indian Reservation is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Gray's Harbor and Jefferson County in western Washington. It consists of 189,061 acres, 4,414 of, which are tribal, owned. Second, The Quinault Indians live in longhouses. They build longhouses made of red and yellow cedar. Cedar is a conifer meaning that it is a cone bearing Th .....

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Nuclear Warfare

.... severe radiation in their body from the explosion. And at Nagasaki, 64,000 civilians were killed by the explosion bias. This is completely wrong and no one has the right to kill innocent people because of a war. We shouldn’t have to settle wars by blowing up 50 miles diameter of land, natural resources, and people to prove our point that we are more powerful than you. Also, think about the long-term effects. The most major is radiation in the ground. Food cannot be grown in certain areas, and people .....

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