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The Death Of Brian Deneke

.... Amarillo, Texas, within a population of 160,000, teens struggle for ways to keep themselves occupied. As in most places, the people with similar interests are drawn to each other and different groups are formed. In every town or city, there will always be the popular group. The preps, the jocks, the cool kids, they inevitably seem to hang out together. At the same time, there will always be a group that doesn’t quite fit in, but never really wants to. There is quite often rivalry between different gro .....

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History Of Punishment And The Code Of Hammurabi

.... accusations, false testimony, and injustice done by the judges; the laws about property rights, loans, deposits, debts, domestic property, and family rights. A section speaking of personal injury states that penalties were imposed for injuries received during an unsuccessful operation by a doctor and damages caused by neglect in other trades. Rates were fixed in the code for a variety of services in trade and commerce. Hammurabi’s Code had no laws dealt with religion. The basis of criminal law is fo .....

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Capital Punishment

.... Egyptians, Assyrians, and Greeks all executed citizens for a variety of crimes. The most famous people to be executed are Socrates and Jesus. Only in England, during the reigns of King Canute (1016-1035) and William the Conqueror (1066-1087) was the death penalty not used, although the results of interrogation and torture were often fatal (Kronenwetter 12). Later, Britain reinstated the death penalty and brought it to its American colonies. Although the death was widely accepted throughout the ea .....

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The Death Penalty: The Deterrent

.... found guilty of such violent crimes. "To protect the innocent and transfer the fear and burden of crime to the criminal element where it belongs, we must demand that capital punishment be imposed when justified and expanded to cover terrible crimes in addition to murder" (Lee 163). Ever since executions have existed, there have been several methods of executing criminals. Firing squad, hanging, decapitation, and stoning people to death were some of the methods that had been used in the past to perform .....

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Drinking And Driving

.... of the air. Drunken driving can result in a fine or maximum imprisonment of three months imprisonment. Underage drinking and driving is also becoming a large problem in America. Alcohol is found to be a significant factor in teenage crashes. Studies have shown that young drivers are less likely than adults to drive after drinking alcohol, but their crash risks are much higher when they do. This is especially true when their blood alcohol concentrations are lower and is thought to be because of tee .....

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The Increase Of Violent Crimes

.... keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." In 1997, 63% of gun related arrested in the United States were under the age of 25. Another disturbing trend is that those using guns are getting younger. Boys are learning to live by the gun, and sort out their arguments with guns. In 1997, more than 27,000 young men between the ages of 12 and 15 were killed or injured by handguns. Television and films have helped to glorify the gun through the Westerns and police dramas where shots are fired in almost every .....

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Graduated Driver's License Controversy

.... (Getting Your Drivers License). Some action needed to be taken in order to insure safety on the road. More than 20 states have a program where first time offenders (or those who refuse a Breathalyzer test) are forced to face a panel of drunken driving victim’s families. Liability on bars, parents, and others who buy for minors has increased. In the website www.aaahoosier.com, teens can chat about driving safety with parents. In SADD and the program “Safe Rides,” children are less likel .....

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Capital Punishment

.... following a local execution (144). Capital punishment is wrong because it is often used unfairly. Economist magazine states that even though women commit twenty percent of the homicides in the United States, women are rarely sentenced to death and executed (27). The poor and friendless defendants, those with inexperienced or court-appointed counsels, are most likely to be executed. For example, Orenthial James Simpson had the money to afford the best lawyers and was “guilty as sin,” but he was acquitte .....

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Drug Trafficking In Mexico

.... White House's National Drug Control Strategy report issued last month. "Regretfully, [the task forces] were never really implemented," DEA chief Thomas Constantine told Congress last week, blaming the failure on corruption and lack of security. U.S. officials said the Mexican government failed to finance the task forces and that U.S. agencies had borne the full cost of Mexican operations until last September. At that point, U.S. officials said, Mexico said it no longer wanted U.S. funding and that the .....

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The Controversy Of Capital Punishment

.... Supporters of the death penalty believe it is a better deterrent than imprisonment because taking an offender’s life is a more severe punishment. They also argue that no adequate deterrent in life imprisonment is effective for those already serving a life term who commits murder while incarcerated, those who have not yet been caught but who would be liable to a life term if arrested, revolutionaries, terrorists, traitors, and spies. The classic moral arguments in favor of the death penalty have been .....

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Crime And Gangs In America

.... white owners. They were, on the whole, by most historical accounts, a very civil, obedient and law abiding people. They were better citizens than their educated, well-fed owners. Why? Some may say fear. Fear of Massah? Or maybe, the slave owners? Perhaps to a degree. Fear certainly is a motivator. I do not think the average American criminal is much afraid of the law or society, today. Society is not their master. So I concede that fear will work, to a point. But only to a point and it reall .....

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.... and paranoia. Physical affects are profound loss of appetite, leading to severe weight loss and nutritional imbalance. Also increasing athletic performance, heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Many people have suffered from seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and death. If cocaine is taken through the veins, unsterile needles can cause infections and diseases. These diseases can include Hepatitis B, blood poisoning, and of course, AIDS. Cocaine use is extremely dangerous to .....

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A Working Alternative To Capital Punishment

.... the states in the U.S. exercise capital punishment. The most recent to abolish capital punishment was Massachusetts, in 1984, and New York, in 1995, was the most recent to reinstate it, according to the NAACP. During 1977 and 1994, Texas executed the highest number of prisoners, a total of 85. As of 1996 there were 3,122 inmates on death row. These convicts could help with government labor with a hope that they might be free someday. Figures show that, with men, 80% decide in favor of the death penalty, a .....

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Capital Punishment Is Murder

.... capital punishment. Capital punishment is murder and nobody is justified in killing another human for what they've done in the past. There's really no other way to say it. A murder is a murder, there are no two ways to look at it. When one human loses their life due entirely to another human, what would it be called beyond murder? Capital Punishment does just that. These people that are on death row in the United States are criminals. There is no disputing that fact. They have been tried an con .....

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Capital Punishment And Issues

.... and as a result, 1000 or more persons were sentenced to death each year (although most sentences were commuted by royal pardon). In the American colonies before the Revolution, the death penalty was commonly authorized for a wide variety of crimes. Blacks, whether slave or free, were threatened with death for many crimes that were punished less severely when committed by whites. The Reform Movement Efforts to abolish the death penalty did not gather momentum until the end of the 18th century; in Eng .....

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