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The Suffering Of The Jews In The Holocaust

.... side and 28 died on her father's side. They were all in different ages 10-63 on her mother's side and 19-69 on her father's. After the Holocaust Ellen's family was looking for each other, it took them close to a year until she found them. She was looking for the one that died and alive. It took her a year in a half until she finally could go back on her feet. "I was the lucky one, there some are just finding there love ones". When Ellen said these words the only thing I could think of saying is "how bad .....

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The French And English Revolutions

.... Officials, such as, Tax collectors, and changing all of the kings appointed men to intendants. Pretty soon there were oaths and things for Louis to sign everywhere. Oaths such as the "Tennis Court Oath", and the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen", and the "Constitution of 1791." Two effects of the Revolution were, change the voting by head, giving the third estate an advantage because they had as many people as the first and second estates, and the beheading of King Louis XVI. T .....

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The Invention Of The Atomic Bomb And Its Use

.... mount of money was invested in the project. The project started in 1942 and improved step by step. Finally, on July 16th in 1945, the members of the project team experimented with the atomic bomb for the first time, and they realized that they succeeded inventing the first atomic bomb. How was it a milestone? I will explain the mechanism and the power of the atomic bomb. Ronald Takaki explains the principle of it in his book. "There is an atom that releases two neutron at the same time absorbing the o .....

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End Of The Cold War

.... this was not to be, the horrific nature of the Yugoslav conflict threatened Europe as a whole, and as a consequence domestic and political and social climate deteriorated rapidly. In Eastern Europe the replacement of communism did not produce a swift and painless transition which was expected. In fact some of the Eastern countries found the Western way so hard it sent them back to communism. Yeltzin’s Russia also began to gain power and raise western fears. All this raised issues in the west. .....

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The Italian Renaissance

.... da Vinci, and Botticelli were artists of the Renaissance who focused on these ideas. The Renaissance did not reflect the Middle Ages at all in the art category. Paintings in the Middle Ages focused on religion. People were painted flat, rigid, and all different sizes according to levels of importance. The paintings were symbolic from corner to corner. Artists of the Middle Ages almost never signed their names, because that was not what was important. In the Renaissance, every painting and s .....

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Earthquakes, Armageddon, And The Dead Sea Scrolls

.... rebuilding, fallen columns, patterns f regional destruction, and repeated destruction and rebuilding. The professor then went on to talk about Armageddon or Megiddo. He explained that this is an actual place in Northern Israel and future battle of the Apocalypse as stated in the book of Revelations. He also indicated that this was the single most escavated spot in the Holy Land. Mr. Nur gave three reasons for this: 1.) because of religious and biblical connotations 2.) what is discovered is very .....

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The Holocaust

.... clarifying the events. Students also need to learn cooperation with people that are different from them, the Holocaust shows us the consequences of persecuting these people. Studies also show that learning about others pinpoints likenesses instead of differences which leads to better understanding. Students will also learn to identify the events leading to a similar tragedy and stop them before it is too late. A recent poll of historians shows that 75% of historical events are repeated. The Holocaust .....

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World War I

.... submarine war area around Britain. The submarine had just been developed and therefore, existing international law could not be made to fit it. Traditional warships were bound by international law to stop and board merchantmen, but this rule could hardly apply to the U-boats. These new weapons posed a serious threat to the United States, at this point still a neutral nation. Berlin officials declared that they would try not to sink neutral shipping but still warned that mistakes could possibly occur. In or .....

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Medical Experiments In The Holocaust

.... medical ethics and which were irreconcilable with the accepted norms of medical research (Gutman 958). The aim of such research was strictly for Nazis to pursue their desire to engineer the perfect Aryan race of blond hair and blue eyes. Nazis justified experimentation on concentration camps inmates, with the rationalization that these individuals were already destined to die (Dodd). Birkenau housed the bulk of the so-called medical laboratories. There the Nazis conducted dozens of experiments, .....

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England's Territorial Expansion

.... the Stamp Act Congress, which was one of the first feats of defiance towards England. The colonies had begun to see themselves as a separate entity. The opposition to these acts led to England passing even more laws, but this time they were in order to control, rather than tax, the colonists. The first of these decrees was the Declaratory Act in 1766. This law stated that England had the right to pass any laws they wanted and the colonists would have to obey them. In order to test this mandate, Mari .....

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To What Extent Was Britain On The Verge Of A Civil War In 1914?

.... in black-leg labour to work whilst strikes continued. Mining strikes were particularly known for rioting and looting, and during one particular strike in Tonypandy, Churchill brought in the military to crush uprisings, which led to sympathy strikes in other pits. Though, as T.O. Lloyd points out, these early strikes did not seriously affect the Liberal government (evidence of which is shown in the 1910 election results), the worst was yet to come. In 1911 a Dockers strike in Southampton and subseque .....

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The Vietnam Era

.... His parents were very important people in their town and very conventional. His parents viewed him as an embarrassment and sent him to a psychiatrist. his parents didn't try to understand him, they just gave up. They were more concerned what other people thought than what he thought. Many parents could not understand their kids because their lives were so different. It was more than just a gender gap. The generation of the Vietnam Era changed the way our contry worked. They changed the dress codes, .....

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Life In 18th Century Europe

.... many mothers died giving birth. Childbirth was such a risk to the women during of the 18th century that Madame de Sevigne told her daughter that if she wants to survive, “Don’t get pregnant and don’t catch smallpox.” (5) Disease was so rampant during the 18th century that even the rich and powerful could not avoid infection. One might think that the royalty of the 18th century would rarely catch such deadly diseases, but they did. Disease was a major influence on the aristocracy. During the eighty .....

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The Fall Of Rome

.... unenforceable idea, which failed. The emperors still felt the tax issue needed to be addressed. They decided to make the hereditary class of tax collectors pay the difference. In other words, if a poor person could not pay their full share, the tax collector paid the rest. This concept wiped out a whole class of moderately wealthy people. Later, slavery split communities. Rome believed the workers of society should not benefit from slavery. Slaves then had to reason to try hard or improve. Eastern slav .....

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The Battle Of The Monarchs: Can Cathrine Really Be Worthy Of The Title Great?

.... and gaining control of land. Cathrine the Great was one of the few few female monarchs. She was very involved in Russia's intellectual life. She sponsered andedited the journal Vsyaka Vsykaya in 1769 and also very concerned with the danger that may come to it. cathrine was also very influenced by western European thinkers and that people were born equal for some time. Louis the XIV ruled for seventy-two years, which is the longest of that time. He began rule at age five but began his complete rule of th .....

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