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Computer Networking

.... for a short while to download or access data. To find the answer to the question, simply count the desktop computers that will be connected and how many guest computers you expect to be connected at one time. The second mathematical problem that occurs is best solved using an algebraic equation. Let x=the amount of desktop computers that will always be connected, y=the amount of guest computers that you expect to be connected at one time. So, the equation is: x+y+1. The one added on the end of the equat .....

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Video Games

.... would be the better choice to go with. When it comes to wait time, the Nintendo 64 blows away the Playstation. Some games for the Playstation take up to a minute to load. This is due to the fact that the system uses compact discs for software. On the other hand, Nintendo 64 uses cartridges. These load instantly. If you have no patients for waiting on a game to load, then Nintendo 64 is the better choice. Accessorizing the systems is a minor point, but it is still there. The Nintendo 64 comes wi .....

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Sega Dreamcast Vs Sony Playstation 2

.... it 33 percent less likely you'll ever walk for six hours with a piece of broccoli stuck in your teeth, or toilet paper on your shoe. But you knew that already. While screen shots from PlayStation2 titles filter in from Japan, we are all, of course, duly impressed. No one will doubt the power of Sony's newest behemoth, or the sheer beauty of its games. Titles such as Ridge Racer V, Tekken Tag Tournament,Dead or Alive 2, Dark Cloud, Gran Turismo 2000 and Onimusha are graphical masterpieces -- but then .....

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.... can be as simple as a pair of coaxial cables running between the court and the jail, or as complicated as satellite transmission and reception facilities. Unless the organizations wanting to communicate are in the same building or are directly adjacent to one another, a communications network run through the telephone system is the most cost-effective approach. A T1 line (the equivalent of 24 standard voice-grade telephone circuits) or a portion of a T1 is required to run high-quality video and audio i .....

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As A Technology, It Is Called Multimedia

.... souped-up television will itself be a powerful computer. This, many believe, will be the world's biggest media group, letting consumers tune into anything, anywhere, anytime. The most extraordinary thing about the multimedia boom, is that so many moguls are spending such vast sums to develop digital technologies, for the delivering of programs and services which are still largely hypothetical. So what is behind such grand prophecies? Primarily, two technological advances known as digitization (including .....

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Television Is Ideally A Tool

.... their brain and keep them awake and interested; the more involvement, the more they learn and remember. If your child watches a certain show daily, sit down once a week and watch the show with them. Your interest in the show will also be a supporting guide for their growing minds, influencing them for the future. AT&T has categorized television programs in a way that enables you to view children rated programs all together. A kid pushes a button on the remote, and boom, all his shows are categoriz .....

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Will Computers Control Humans In The Future?

.... to match someone else who knows" (Nine Tomorrows, Profession 55). People would not chose to study, they would only want to be educated by computer tapes. Putting in knowledge would take less time than reading books and memorizing something that would take almost no time using a computer in the futuristic world that Asimov describes. Humans might began to rely on computers and allow them to control themselves by letting computers educate people. Computers would start teaching humans what computers tel .....

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Nullsoft's Winamp Review

.... by music type. Examples of this include Jazz, Rock, Reggae, and many more. Winamp users even have the ability to create and save song-specific pre-amplifier and equalizer settings. Another important factor in choosing a music program for your computer is customizable features. Winamp meets this criterion well. The ability to customize your music player makes the program easier to use. The user has the ability to make a “Play list” from the music files that are stored on the hard drive of the user’s comp .....

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Y2K: A Problem Or Not?

.... Morpheus knew Herbio and they had been enemies for a very long time. Morpheus also knew that Herbio would try to solve this problem, but she wasn't aware that Herbio had Mother Nature as a secret weapon. Herbio and Mother Nature went to look for Morpheus once they found out she was the one who created the problem. As soon as they caught up with her, using Mother Nature's mind skills, they tried to defeat her. Herbio had to leave Mother Nature with Morpheus to find the main computer to fix the prob .....

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The Internal Combustion Engine

.... This is when the piston moves up and pushes the burnt gas through a one-way valve, which then goes back into the cylinder head and then through the exhaust manifold and exhaust tubes and the leads out of the car. At 2200 RPM the entire four-stroke cycle is completed 18 times per second in each cylinder. The term V8 L6 and V6 refer to the number and configuration of engines cylinders. While the V8 is more popular for hot-rodding and for fast sports cars. The in-line six is common found in older c .....

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Hate On The Net

.... group to come and exterminate them. Should these people have the right to say these things? Concerns such as these have led many to demand that hate material be removed from the net. Some Internet Service Providers are already starting to block access to sites they see as harboring extreme material. Why is this happening? Have we all lost the ability to reason for ourselves? People are quite capable of making up their own minds about what they read or see on the net. Freedom of speech is often misun .....

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Technological Literacy

.... and permanent social change seeping into every crevasse of our everyday work and private lives. Many of the issues that are being raised today, and which I will sketch out here, deal with abstract notions about the virtual and `real', about time and space, about `body-less' interactions and communities of learners, and so forth. I hope, however, that I have brought together the diversity of research, current debates and issues in a concrete way that helps adult literacy professionals to get a baseline .....

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Internet, Its Effects In Our Lives And The Future Of The Internet

.... programmers and corporate giants are all harnessing the power of the Internet. For many businesses the Internet is becoming integral to their operations. Imagine the ability to send and receive data: messages, notes, letters, documents, pictures, video, sound- just about any form of communication, as effortlessly as making a phone call. It is easy to understand why the Internet is rapidly becoming the corporate communications medium. Using the mouse on your computer, the familiar point-and-click functi .....

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Creating WebPages By Using HTML

.... of the tags, you can create a web page, as you desire. Now let's start creating a web page. The very first thing you need to put into your HTML document is a tag, it identifies the entire document as an HTML document. The next thing you will do is to create a header. An HTML document can be roughly divided into two sections: header and body. Header is where you display information about your web page, like its title. In a basic HTML document, header has two kinds of tags. First is the
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Computer Crimes

.... raise in the hacker’s ego game. Only seventy five computer crime prosecutions were reported in the United States in 1986, according to the National Center for Computer Crime Data in Santa Cruz, Calif. By 1989, that number jumped to 500 prosecutions. Computer crimes that year cost businesses and banks - and, ultimately, consumers - about $500 million. "As the use of computers has increased, so has their criminal misuse" (Bowers 54:g13). Computers are used to obtain credit card numbers, which are then .....

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