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Louis Armstrong’s Influential Career

.... of these places that he was spotted by the famous Joe ‘King’ Oliver. King Oliver found Armstrong stand-in slots at orchestras and other venues. In 1918, he was offered the vacant seat left by Oliver in the band the Brown Skinned Babies. Kid Ory, leader of the band, once said that after Louis joined them he, “…improved so fast it was amazing. He had a wonderful ear and a wonderful memory. All you had to do was hum or whistle a new tune to him and he’d know it right away” (Boujut 21). At the end of 1918 Arm .....

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The Presidency Of Gerald Rudolph Ford

.... a tenuous Middle Eastern peace. But public desire for more vigorous leadership led to his defeat in the 1976 presidential election. During World War II, Ford served four years in the Navy as an aviation operations officer, including two years aboard the aircraft carrier USS Monterey. He was discharged as a lieutenant commander. After practicing law again, Ford ran for congress in 1948 with the support of Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg (R-Mich.). he defeated an isolationist republican, Rep. Bartel J. Jonkma .....

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Benedict Arnold

.... his promotion, General Washington commanded him to take one thousand one hundred fifty men into Canada to overtake Quebec. They left on September 16th from Washington's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On September 19th, they sailed for the Kennebec River from Newburyport on eleven schooners, and on the twentieth, they camped on Swan Island in Merrymeeting Bay. Some of the men, along with the supplies, continued up the Kennebec in a bateaux, and the rest continued along on foot (Encarta). .....

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Life Of Tupac Shakur

.... against an Oakland Police for brutality after being arrested for jaywalking. On January 17, 1992 Tupac makes his first movie appearance in Ernest Dickenson's Juice, where he played a betrayal role of Bishop. On September 22nd, Vice President Dan Quayle accused that Tupac's 2Pacalypse Now "has no place in our society." Next year on February 1, 1993 Tupac came out with another album. Once it was released it went platinum. It went platinum on April 19, 1995 along with 2Pacalypse Now but that went gold .....

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Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X Comparison

.... responses to American racism. Both men ultimately became towering icons of contemporary African-American culture and had a great influence on black Americans. However, King had a more positive attitude than Malcolm X, believing that through peaceful demonstrations and arguments, blacks will be able to someday, achieve full equality with whites. Malcolm X’s despair about life was reflected in his angry, pessimistic belief that equality is impossible because whites have no moral conscience. King basi .....

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.... productions, but ultimately dance became her interest in her childhood life. In addition to being a cheerleader, Madonna took up ballet classes while attending Rochester Adams High School. She found a mentor in dance instructor Christopher Flynn, who introduced her to the world of spunkiness and sophistication at Detroit gay clubs. Madonna’s wild sexuality made her fly sky high! She went on dates with guys, had her first rape encounter at 14 and toyed with the idea of lesbianism and practiced mutual t .....

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Ernest Hemingway: His Life And His Stories

.... of high ideals, was very strict and censored the books he allowed his children to read. He forbade his Ernest's sister from studying ballet for it was coeducational, and dancing together led to "hell and damnation" Grace hall Hemingway, Ernest's mother, considered herself pure and proper. She was a dreamer who was upset at anything which disturbed her perception of the world as beautiful. She hater dirty diapers, upset stomachs, and cleaning house; they were not fit for a lady. She taught her childre .....

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Antoine Lavoisier

.... serves as the basis of the modern system of elements. He clarified the concept of an element as a “simple substance that could not be broken down by any formation of chemical compounds.” He once said, “ If, by the term elements, we mean to express the simple and indivisible molecules that compose bodies, it is probable that we know nothing about them; but if, on the contrary, we express by the term elements or principles of bodies the idea of the last point reached by analysis, all substances that we have .....

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The Impact Of Frederick Douglass

.... 7, Frederick was sent to his master, Captain Aaron Anthony, at a nearby plantation. There he first met a brother and two sisters. He later recalled sadly that "slavery had made us strangers." (Compton’s Interactive Deluxe 1) At the age of 13 he read “The Colombian Orator”, a book of speeches denouncing slavery and oppression deepened his hatred of slavery. “In 1833 Frederick was sent to work for Auld's brother, Thomas, at a plantation near St. Michael's, Md. Frederick's pride angered his new master, .....

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The Works Of Edgar Allan Poe

.... “The Lake”. A while later I was appointed company clerk, but I wanted to leave the army. In order to do this; I had to find a replacement. Finally, I found a man, who wanted to reenlist anyhow, if I paid him seventy-five dollars. After leaving the army, I drafted a poem dubbed “Al Aaraaf.” Carey, Lea and Carey decided that they would publish it if Allan gave his consent and guaranteed that if it was not a success that he would pay them back. He did not want to do this however, so they would not pub .....

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Mohandas K. Gandhi: “Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live”

.... malicious discrimination toward people of the Indian race by the British. As a result of being outraged by this hateful discrimination, Gandhi decided to stay in South Africa. His one-year term of legal work turned into twenty-one years to proclaim and work for Indian rights. He first started a newspaper called “Indian Opinion”, and he also led campaigns boosting Indian Rights. A note worthy fact for Gandhi was that when he felt justice was on the British side, he would work for them by bein .....

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Charles Babbage: The Pioneer Of The Computer

.... his MA from Cambridge in 1817. In 1820 he founded the Analytical Society with Herschel and Peacock. Babbage started work on the Difference Engine in 1823 through funding from the British Government and in 1827 published a table of logarithms from 1 to 108000. In 1828 he was appointed to the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge, though he never presented a lecture. He founded the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1831 and in 1832 he published "Economy of Manufactures and M .....

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Babe Ruth

.... grocery store-saloon near the Baltimore water front. Babe was not an only child. He did have a sister named Mary Margaret, also known as Mamie, who was born in 1900. The Ruth's did have six other children, but none of them survived to adulthood. Soon after Mamies birth his father opened his own tavern at 426 West Camden St. The family would later move into an apartment above the bar. George spent the first 7 years of his life running around the Bay area watching street fights and stealing from the sh .....

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Stalin And The Soviet Union

.... proposed any kind of threat to him. In the end, almost 800,000 people were killed. Stalin used propaganda and nationalism to brainwash the people of the Soviet Union. He censored poems, paintings, statues, newspaper, radio, and text. Everything needed to support him, communism, or nationalism. Even religious statues were replaced with statues of Lenin and Stalin. Stalin had a major effect on history because he changed Russia into a communistic state. This changed Russian life completely. Stalin because .....

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Theodore Roosevelt

.... his childhood sweetheart Edith Carow in London, and once more plunged into politics. President Harrison, after his election in 1889, appointed Roosevelt as a member of the Civil Service Commission of which he later became president. This office he retained until 1895 when he undertook the direction of the Police Department of New York City. In 1897 he joined President McKinley's administration as assistant secretary of the Navy. While in this office he actively prepared for the Cuban War, which he saw .....

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