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The Iron Horse: The Impact Of Railroads On 19th Century America

.... made it possible to send mail, parcels, and perishables across country, thus making possible the rise of the factory system and its system of mass production. No other mode of transportation could handle the bulk shipping necessary for an industrial economy with such speed and efficiency .By 1892 the U.S.'s economy was the largest in the world, and the railroads were critical in that development. As well as the economical benefits of the railroad, it was a crucial element in the settlement of the West .....

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The Disadvantages And Advantages Of The War Of Independence

.... and poorly trained. They had no funding or support from an organized government. They had no supplies only the ones they owned or stole from the British. Not everybody was on their side there were people in the colonies that were loyal to the British they were called the “Tories”. The Americans had a lot of setbacks and it seemed the British had every thing going for them. The British had the undoubtedly larger opportunity. They had large numbers of weapons. Many soldiers not to mention the “Tories” .....

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The Tragedy At Columbine

.... society who are paid to do their specific jobs, not raise children. Another "sore" afflicting the community is that the parents of children involved with the shooting are spending more time with their lawyers than they are with their own family. They are trying to sue everyone with any kind of connection to the tragedy. Court victories will not bring back the people that were killed. These parents should forget about their court cases and spend more time with their families. If they had paid more attenti .....

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Ku Klux Klan

.... is known as the “First Era.” The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan keeps alive the memory of the original Klansmen and the principles and traditions for which they risked their lives. We also respect the Klan Movement of the 1920s, which is known as the “Second Era.” This is when the Klan reached it’s political zenith all across the United Stated. However, the Klan today should not exist just as a memorial to past accomplishments, but as a living instrument for the ideals of Western Christian Civilization an .....

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The Dust Bowl Of North America

.... long recurrent droughts and occasional torrential rains. A large number of the travelers settled down in this area and built farms and ranches. These land uses led to soil exposure and great erosion. The cattle ranches were very profitable for the settlers; unfortunately, this led to overgrazing and degradation of the soil. In addition, farmers began to plow the natural grass cover and plant their own crops. Without the original root systems of the grass to anchor the soil, much of it blew away. The .....

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The Declaration Of Independence

.... in which their needs could be satisfactorily meet, goals easily obtained, and wellbeing protected. The early colonials were loyalist whose sole purpose was to obey their king and spread the gospel and the society expressed such ideas. Every aspect of social life if not controlled by the king was determined by the Bible but by comparison to the declaration of independence the ideas of government and values are basically the same. In the Declaration of Independence it states that "all men are created e .....

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The Tuskegee Airmen

.... barriers, which prevented it from happening too quickly. Even still, after granted the right to fly, their superior officers who, by no doubt, were white continually faced them with borders and barriers of racism and discrimination. Although these men were discriminated against by their own countrymen because of the color of their skin, they nonetheless displayed valor and courage, revealing that they were in fact Americans who ironically fought for freedom regardless of the color of their skin, ultimate .....

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The Invention Of The Airplane

.... years earlier. Through an extensive study of birds and bird flight, Cayley realized that the lift function and the thrust function of bird wings were separate and distinct, and could be imitated by different systems on a fixed-wing craft. Lilienthal began his work on heavier-than-air craft not by developing a complete airplane, but instead by focusing his efforts on a fixed-wing glider. Lilienthal brought a much-needed respectability to the enterprise of inventing an airplane. Up to that point, efforts .....

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The History Of The Ku Klux Klan

.... supremacy, it attacked non-Protestants, aliens, liberals, trade unionists, and striking workers. Like its predecessor, the new Klan burned fiery crosses and employed violence to scare its enemies. After 1921 the Klan grew rapidly in membership and influence, “In a six month period from 1920 to October 1921 the Klan added 100,000 new members, And made one and a half million dollars from the sale of robes, ritual equipment and other paraphernalia.” It was only ten dollars for a membership. “A 1924 estimat .....

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The Great Depression

.... most Americans are aware of the Great Depression in 1929, few know of the many Americans who lost their homes, life savings and jobs. In the 1920's, after World War 1, danger signals were apparent, that the great depression was coming. A major cause of the Depression was that the pay of workers did not increase at all. Because of this they couldn't afford manufactured goods. While the factories were still manufacturing goods, Americans weren't able to afford them and the factories made littl .....

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The Declaration Of Independence

.... theory of John Locke: that government were formed to protect the rights of life, liberty, and property. In the second part, the Declaration listed the alleged crimes of the king, who, with the backing of Parliament, had violated his “contract” with the colonists and thus had forfeited all claim to their loyalty. “The clearest call for independence up to the summer of 1776 came in Philadelphia on June 7th. Church bells rang out over Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. This signaled that the Declaration of .....

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Ku Klux Klan

.... Even where local officers took action, Klan members sat on juries and acquitted accused night riders. By 1871 the violence was so serious that Republicans in Congress gave President Ulysses S. Grant authority to use national troops to restore order in affected districts. Faced with trained soldiers empowered to arrest suspects and hold them without trial, the Klan collapsed with surprising swiftness. Although Southern whites resorted to violence to regain control of their states from 1874 to 1877, .....

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The Presidents' Decisions During The Civil War

.... at the entrance of the Harbor of Charleston in South Carolina. In 1860 when South Carolina seceded, Major Anderson of the United States Military established his headquarters at Fort Sumter. The fort itself was militarily unimportant to either side, yet it later became a significant symbol to both the North and the South. In the controversy that surrounded Fort Sumter, both Presidents attempted to act in the best interest of their nations. While Abraham Lincoln's decision superficially seems to .....

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The Civil War

.... the Mexicans refused so Polk decided that he had no other alternative then to use force. Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to move his troops from the nuces to the rio grande and to build a fort to blockade the river. To mexico this was an invasion of their territory. Mexican troops therefor crossed the rio grande and in a small battle wounded sixteen American soldiers. This was the Beginning Spark of war. The Mexican people were more united about the war then the americans were. Mexicans .....

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Military Clash Between The United States And Iraqi Jets

.... patrolling the area, were not involved in the confrontations. There has been conjecture that Iraq continues to disregard the no-flight-zones so that they may be pursued by U.S. warplanes, in hopes to perhaps capture a U.S. pilot in an elaborate blackmailing plot. This military clash was just one of the three military clashes which has happened in the past two or so weeks. Despite the close encounter, President Hussein stated that he would continue to send warplanes over the no-flight-zones. These blata .....

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